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What is freedom encounter?

We have had countless testimonies of people experiencing how God Himself exposed lies in their hearts and replaced it with truth that set them free. Free from addictive patterns, destructive generational cycles or just believes that had them stuck in life. 

Come experience this process and get a chance to participate in it during our 3 day Freedom Encounter Ministry Training event. 

Check Freedom Encounter Ministry Training Dates
21 June 2024
11 October 2024

What is the Training about? 

Each Freedom Encounter Ministry Training has video teaching introducing the “heart virus” and how God heals us with His truth that really sets us free.

There are 4 small group practical sessions that gives participants a chance to experience the small group councilling that thousands of people have experienced all over the world in FFI Seminars. These small groups are also the training ground for us to learn how to co-council with THE WONDERFUL COUNCILLOR, Jesus Christ.

What will it do for you?

We can only take people where we’ve been. So part of learning how to help others is by first experiencing this ministry to your own heart.  This is the type of ministry that would forever impact your own personal life for generations to come. 

It would then further equip you with insight, understanding and the ability to increase your effectiveness in one on one and small group ministry. 

The sessions should drastically reduce your counseling load and help people move towards active involvement, fulfilling their purpose and calling in your community. 

Who should come?

  • Those who want to experience more freedom! 
  • Those that want more of God! 
  • Those who desire to help others! 
  • Those that desire to be part of our FFI Family. This training will help you in the journey of becoming an FFI Small Group Facilitator and later an FFI Seminar Coordinator.
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