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Basic Event Information – Family Blessing Conference

Event Name:               The Power of Blessing in Your Family

Event Date:                Tue, 23 September

Venue Address:       Lighthouse Ministries

                                                275 Voortrekker Rd

                                                Parrow  Cape Town

  COST:                         Free Admission   (An offering will be taken up during conference)                    

Programme Times – For Family Blessing Evening Conference

Time:                                Description:                                                                                              

18h00 – 19h00                 Registration  – Introduction / Welcome

19h10 – 19h30                 Worship

19h30 – 20h30                 Session 1:  The Choice – The Blessing  or the Curse                                         

20h30 – 20h50                 Tea break and Resource Tables

20h50 – 21h50                 Session 2:  The Power of Receiving  the Blessing                                       

21h50 – 22h20                Ministry time and Resource Tables


Basic Event Information – 5Wealth Secrets  – Breakfast                       


Event Name:               Leaders Breakfast: 5 Wealth Secrets for Generational Financial Blessing

Event Date:                 Wed, 24 September

Venue Address:        Bloemendal Restaurant

                                         Situated off the M13 (or Racecourse road) on the righthand side coming out of Durbanville


COST:                            R 260.00 pp  (small gift included)                 

Programme Times for Breakfast

Time:                          Description:

07h45 – 07h55           Introduction / Welcome

07h55 – 08h10           Breakfast Starters  (Croissants, Yogurt, Cereals, Muffins)

08h10 – 08h40           Session 1

08h40 – 09h10           Breakfast Main Course 30 min

09h10 – 09h40           Session 2

09h40 – 09h55           Breakfast Dessert  (Swiss roll, coffee and tea)

09h55 – 10h25            Ministry time

10h25 – 10h30            Thank you and dismissal


Contact Person: Work and after hours

TobieVerreynne : 081-320-7351,

Bernerine Boonzaier 0824378847. (after hours)

Registration form:

Contact: Tobie Verreynne.

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