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Welcome FFI Seminar Coordinator

Our FFI Seminar Media is licensed material. Only qualified and released Seminar Coordinators are allowed to order these materials. To order these material you will need to:

2. Seminar Coordinator License and other Agreements

Download and complete these documents and email them to
or *upload them on the "Order Seminar Videos" below when ordering your Seminar Videos.


    This agreement is by and between Family Foundations International S.A. (hereafter referred to as FFI) and

    (hereafter referred to as Licensee), signed on

    regarding licensure of Seminar video media or DVD’s (hereafter referred to as seminar media).
    This agreement is only valid for the specific seminar media that was signed for. It is hereby
    understood by both parties that usage of any or all of the Seminar media is strictly for the purpose of conducting authorized Family Foundation Seminars, and the videos/DVD’s are to be shown only within the context of that Seminar setting. The Seminar videos/DVD’s remain the property of Family Foundations International South Africa, P. O. Box 1622, Greytown, 3250, and are licensed, not sold to Licensee.

    Licensee agrees to the following terms of licensure:
    1. Licensee may not reproduce any portion of the Seminar media (audio, video or DVD’s) for
    any reason without the express written consent of Craig Hill, Founder and President of
    Family Foundations International and this will be conducted via the National Coordinator S.A.

    2. Licensee will retain possession of the Seminar videos/DVD’s at all times. The Seminar videos/DVD’s are not to be loaned to others for any reason.

    3. Licensee agrees to use the Seminar media only for the purpose of conducting the specific
    Seminars authorized by FFI. Licensee agrees to show the Seminar media in their entirety with
    no substitutions or deletions at each event.

    4. If Licensee has not conducted any FFI Seminar within the preceding six months, Licensee
    could be considered inactive and might have to return the set of Seminar media to FFI
    immediately upon request. This license agreement shall be considered terminated at such
    time. Licensee may receive another set of Seminar videos/DVD’s at a future time by entering
    into a new license agreement with FFI.

    5. Violation of any of the terms of this agreement may result in forfeiture of the Seminar
    media by Licensee and termination of this agreement at the sole discretion of FFI, its officers,
    agents, and representatives.

    6. FFI reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any cause at any time at the sole
    discretion of the officers, and/or representatives of FFI. Upon termination of this agreement,
    Licensee agrees without recourse to immediately return to FFI the Seminar media and any
    other material or equipment belonging to FFI.

    7. Licensee agrees to conduct Basic Seminars only as authorized by and in agreement with FFI.

    8. FFI and Licensee both mutually agree that any unresolved conflict or dispute shall be settled
    by binding arbitration conducted under the auspices of a Christian Conciliation Team. Both
    parties agree to follow the biblical mandate of Matthew 18:15-18 and I Corinthians 6:1-8 and
    hereby commit not to take any case to a civil court but to instead submit their dispute for
    resolution to Christian believers as stated above.

    9. FFI and Licensee mutually agree to pray for each other and the overall ministry of Family
    Foundations as they partner together to be a blessing to others.

    Licensee Signature