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How the Truth Sets People Free

Are you tired of seeing the people around you STUCK in sin and destructive patterns? Maybe you’re in ministry and the people you serve constantly return with the same struggles, and they never achieve real victory.

Maybe it’s you. Do you struggle each and everyday to stay ahead of sin?

What if I told you that true victory was attainable. Not just “sin management;” actually victory that lets you, and the people around you, get UNSTUCK and move on to a higher level with God.

That is what Jan and I have been teaching people to do since 1987: facilitate an experience with the Father that consistently results in the kind of victory that is permanent. And that is why we packaged that same ministry training into a 2-week School of Ministry. For more Info click here


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18 Mar 2017 ‘Establishing Family Altars’ 1st Session-

Blessing generations by Craig Hill

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